Momentum for the Community Food Support Group

Momentum for the Community Food Support Group

Victoria’s Community Food Support Group is Miiko Skin Co.’s latest local Momentum Project participant.

Momentum for the Community Food Support Group, Victoria BC  

Project Goal: $500 


Hannah West represents the Community Food Support group, a local organization working to provide food to those affected by COVID-19. We were excited to learn more about this local group’s story and invite them to join the Momentum Project!  

What is the Community Food Support group passionate about? 

The Community Food Support is passionate about ensuring everyone has access to healthy food throughout the pandemic. 

What inspired you to help raise money for the Community Food Support Group? 

Community Food Support was formed several months ago in response to the challenges and financial strain COVID-19 created for many families and individuals. We decided to create the organization to remove the barriers that prevent access to food in our community.

I have personally seen the positive response citizens have to this program, with many recipients expressing how helpful this program has been during the current upheaval and uncertainty caused by COVID-19. I believe that the work the organization is performing is vital, due to the widespread food insecurity COVID-19 highlighted in our community. 

In what ways is your group helping to nourish the community? 

Community Food Support is a local group of community members currently working to help nourish the citizens of Victoria by providing access to food for those in our community who are in need. In April, we created partnerships with the Food Distribution Warehouse, local grocery stores, gardens and farms to provide free food hampers to families, students and individuals who were facing barriers in securing adequate access to food. 

From April onwards, we delivered up to 50-60 hampers per week, and over the last months, our volunteer organization has delivered almost 1000 hampers. This is a community response premised on mutual aid rather than charity.

Can you describe how a donation will help build momentum for your project? 

Your donation to community food support would allow us to expand our capacity and provide more citizens with healthy food during the coming months. We would use your donation to buy non-perishable goods that grocery stores do not usually provide in their donations of food that is not fit for sale but safe for consumption as we understand that people rely on having access to these food staples.

To me and the other volunteers with community food support, momentum looks like the ability to fulfil all the requests for food we get every week rather than having to turn people away because we do not have capacity to meet the need for food in our community.

Learn more about the Community Food Initiative Project via the links below! 

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