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Miiko Skin Co is bulking up this winter! Holiday Bulk Bundles are BACK

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New to Miiko Skin Co? We recommend you take our Skin Quiz online and try the Sampler Package before investing in Bulk Size Products! Bulk Size Products will last you a while, and we want to take the time with you at the beginning to make sure you have products in your home that you love to use daily!

Already love Miiko Skin Co? Let’s talk BULK!

What you need to know about this years Holiday Bulk Bundles:

  • Choose between FIVE different Holiday Bulk Bundles

  • Free Shipping in Canada on all Holiday Bulk Bundles 

  • Sale is on: October 15th, 2021 - October 31st, 2021. Orders will be shipped in the order that they are received. 

  • Available until November 1st, 2021. (Or while supplies last.)

  • Free Added Gift: A $22 value, for free! You will receive an Essential Oil Roll-on of your choice! 

Information Graphic of How to Choose your Essential oil Roll-on

Click here to learn more about our Essential Oil Roll-ons!


Why choose empty bottles?

Add an extra empty regular-sized bottle to your Holiday Bulk Bundle if you want to gift Miiko Skin Co this Holiday Season. All Bulk-Size Products are 4x the amount of regular-sized bottles. So, you can buy extra empty bottles to gift Miiko Skin Co, while still having lots left for yourself

Empty Bottles cost an additional $3 with Holiday Bulk Bundles. 

For example: Buy the Body Oil Holiday Bulk Bundle, and add an extra empty bottle. Refill at home, and gift the bottle to a loved ones this holiday season!


Which Bulk Bundle is for me?

Comparison graphic of the Wash, Toner, and Serum Holiday Bulk Bundles
Comparison graphic of the Body Oil and Body Butter Bulk Bundles
Comparison graphic of the four Mega Bulk Bundles: Rejuvenation Collection, Balancing Complexion Collection, Combination Collection, and Simple as Possible Collection

What if I just want regular bulk-size products?

Just looking for your favourite product in bulk? No problem! Head over to the Bulk Size Products page to shop your favourite products in bulk.

There is always free-shipping with bulk-size products and you always save 15-20% when shopping bulk over regular-sized products. 


Why Buy Bulk?

When you buy bulk you save money, reduce your carbon footprint, and plant trees!

Click Here and Learn More about the benefits of buying bulk.


Why are the Holiday Bulk Bundles happening in October this year?

  1. KIMIKO IS SUPER PREGNANT. Kimiko, who does the majority of our manufacturing, is 8.5 months pregnant and we want to get bulk bundles out before the baby arrives! 

  2. SHIPPING IS UNPREDICTABLE. Last year the postal service was hit… hard. We want to get ahead of the game and ensure your valuable glass bulk bottles arrive safely and efficiently.


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