Celebrating Earth Month With Bulk Bundles!

Celebrating Earth Month With Bulk Bundles!

Three bulk blue glass Miiko bottles over top of some green leaves, shot against a white background

New to Miiko Skin Co? We recommend you take our Skin Quiz online and try the Sampler Package before investing in Bulk Size Products! Bulk Size Products will last you a while, and we want to take the time with you at the beginning to make sure you have products in your home that you love to use daily!

Already love Miiko Skin Co? Let’s talk Bulk! 

All About 2021's Earth Month Bulk Bundle Specials:

Choose between 6 different Bulk Bundle packages: 

Free Shipping on all Bulk Bundles!

Dates: Sale lasts between April 16th - April 30th, 2021

What Is This Year’s Free Product?! 

The Face Wash, Toner, Serum, Body Oil, and Summer Zinc Cream Bulk Bundles include a mini product as your free gift! You can choose from: 

  • i-Coco Makeup Remover: Perfect for removing eye makeup & healing mild burns! This product is also safe for pregnancy! 
  • Mini Cocoa Whip: An on-the-go moisturizer perfect for dry hands or as a lip balm! 
  • Mini Summer Zinc Cream: One of our best-selling products during the sun seasons, this non-nano zinc-oxide based cream is the safest FDA-approved sunscreen! 
Three Gua Sha tools coming out of a muslin cloth bag

The Mega Bulk Bundle includes a Gua Sha, and a $20 gift card as your gift! You can choose from the above mini products and the following three cooling minerals Gua Sha Tools: 

  • Rose Quartz: a popular gemstone associated with healing the heart, and promoting self-love and peace. Quartz stone beads have been found dating back 7000 BC in ancient Mesopotamia. 
  • Jade: a bright green mineral with a large historical significance to prehistoric and historic China. Considered to be the “imperial gem” this mineral is often associated with prosperity and good luck.
  • Blue Jasper: a “spotted or speckled” mineral. Blue Jasper is a more unique variety of the Jasper family. It’s history dates back to the 1800s. For the esoteric world, blue jasper is about confidence, courage and strength.

Learn more on our blog about the history of Gua Sha, how to use your Gua Sha, and how to choose your Gua Sha. 

Why Buy Empty Bottles?

Holds holding two blue glass bottle to mimic refilling your bulk at home

Add empty regular-sized bottles to your Bulk Bundle if you want to buddy up for the Summer season! All Bulk-Size Products are 4x the amount of regular-sized bottles.

You can buy extra empty bottles to share Miiko Skin Co, while still having lots left for yourself. This helps you & your friends save money & easily stock up on your favorite Miiko products! 

Empty Bottles cost an additional $3 with Bulk Bundles. 

Why Buy Bulk?

Holds holding two blue glass bottle to mimic refilling your bulk at home


When you buy bulk you save money and time, reduce your carbon footprint, and plant trees! If you have a Miiko Skin Co. product you love, bulk is an excellent option. 

Click Here and Learn More about the benefits of buying bulk.

I have placed my Bulk Order! Now what?

Please look for an email with tracking information once your order has been shipped (if you have selected Shipping as your method).

Local pickup and delivery are also available!

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