Miiko Skin Co is feminine, AND we're for all genders

Miiko Skin Co is feminine, AND we're for all genders

Person with rainbow dyed hair is smiling with their eyes closed and holding a Pride flag above their head. The sun is setting in the background behind them.

Wait, what? How can femininity be for all genders? 

If you look up ‘genderless skincare,’ you’ll see products with minimalist designs and neutral colours, branded to suggest some sort of gendered halfway-point. Really, many of these products simply remove traditional markers of femininity like vibrant colours, decorative designs, funky fonts, and more. What you get is so-called neutral, but to us, those “feminine-associated” things are fun and exciting, and deserve to be enjoyed by all. 

In trying to find our brand identity, we’re learning (and unlearning) how to convey that Miiko Skin Co. is for all genders. In our minds this doesn’t mean omitting all markers of femininity (whatever that means!). Instead, because Miiko is an extension of who we are–and we love our own femininity–we want to share it. There are NO limits to who we want to share it with!  

Miiko Skin Co. isn't gendered, but that doesn’t mean it’s free of feminine energy altogether.

Our products are not gendered because instead of targeting gendered goals like beauty standards, “flawless” complexions, lack of wrinkles, etc., they treat skin–the body’s largest organ–as an integral part of overall health.  Health is indisputably deserved by all genders! 

Femininity and masculinity are gendered concepts that are hard to define. We see them as energetic forces that overlap and intermingle. We’re not sure whether our understandings of femininity, masculinity, and everything in between stem from social constructs, innate feelings, or what, but we do know that we’re particularly connected to the feminine. We want to share that rather than suppress it! We want to honour femininity–whatever that means–and have our customers know that the feminine energy we put into our products is for everyone, regardless of whether femininity is part of your own identity.  

The thought that women are nurturing and men are adventurous are constructs put on societal gender norms that can take a hike. 

We would like to celebrate our femininity, our strength, our vulnerability, our caring ethics, and nurturing characteristics and invite you in. Let’s make it OK for all genders, including 2 spirit folks, cis men, trans men, non-binary folks, trans women, cis women, and more to embrace and practice selfcare. Skincare is self care. Let’s take the gender restrictions out of it and somehow still celebrate all the ways gender feels to us moment by moment. 

Miiko Skin Co is for all genders, but we are also femme as f*ck. And we are here to nourish your skin in meaningful, sustainable ways.

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