Miiko PODs - Our Group Ordering Program!

Miiko PODs - Our Group Ordering Program!

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The Miiko POD Program is our group purchasing incentive where you can place an order with 2+ people and receive 25% off your order with the code [mymiikopod]. It is a really neat way for us to grow our business because we can continue to connect to our customers and offer products & services that best suit their skin type.Here's How it Works:

  1. Shop online for the products you are looking for (for yourself and your friends)
  2. Use the discount code [mymiikopod]
  3. Include in the order notes section the names & numbers of your friend who are placing the order with you
  4. Check out! Now it's our turn to take of the rest!

Benefits of ordering as a POD:

  • 25% off
  • Free shipping (on orders over $100)
  • Free samples or new product trials in every order
  • Skin Consultations with a member of the Miiko Skin Co team
  • Fresh products
  • Building community

We've now created a private Facebook group to make it easier for you to connect with others in your area to arrange future orders and meet other like-minded Miikos! This group was a suggestion from one of you, and we so greatly loved the feedback! Keep it coming!

Want to join? We'd love to have you!

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