The Chronicles of PoopTalk: Pull up a stool.

The Chronicles of PoopTalk: Pull up a stool.


This is it Rebooters. We are in our final week of the Skin Reboot and the wonderfully challenging exploration of your health.

I truly hope that no matter how you participated, you have taken something valuable away from the community and education of the Skin Reboot.

If your poop could talk, what would it be telling you? What have you learned from changing your diet and observing your body's mechanics? What's next for you?


I know my digestive health is in MUCH better condition than when I started the Reboot. It's evident that eliminating sugar and my beloved red wine has had a dramatic impact on my daily bowel movements, and consequently, my skin health. That being said, my takeaway from it all isn't necessarily to never eat sugar or red wine ever again. Certain things can bring so much joy to life when consumed in moderation and saved to those special occasions. But my primary lesson is that I certainly don't need to be consuming it nearly as much as I was, and my body will only reap the benefits from eating more balanced, whole foods.

So what is your take away?

Maybe you'll start re-integrating certain foods slowly, or perhaps you'll stay on the Reboot path a little longer. Maybe you'll dive back into old habits, and that's okay too! No matter what you choose to do next, your future self will thank your past self for the small changes you made during the Skin Reboot. The great thing about it all coming to an end is, it doesn't have to! You can, of course, do this whenever you want and for however long you like! It can be more challenging to stick to it without an entire community of health-conscious people by your side, but know that you can ALWAYS reach out to us for support and guidance. 

Pro-Tips on reintroducing foods

  • Start small - If you've been on the Reboot for the whole month, you may be feeling physically different than before, or you may not have noticed a considerable difference (sometimes one month isn't long enough). But no matter, it's important to start reintroducing foods slowly, and not all at once. Trying one thing, like dairy for the first week is a good place to start, then maybe the following week you try wheat, and so on. Throwing all those potential inflammatory foods back in at once might taste awesome, but it prevents you from being able to play detective on what might be throwing your body out of balance.
  • Keep a journal - Write down what you eat each day if you're still investigating what could be causing certain symptoms. It's really the only sure fire way to reflect on potential sensitivities once you feel symptoms of discomfort.
  • Take Reboot breaks - the first time I ever did something like the Reboot, as soon as my two weeks were over I jumped back to eating eggs on toast every day for the next week. When I started having major IBS symptoms, I knew something I was eating wasn't agreeing with me. I wish someone had told me these things, but instead, I just suffered through wondering what it could be. Turns out my raging sensitivity to eggs and wheat was causing a whole wack of problems, and if I had felt those symptoms and returned to an anti-inflammatory way of eating once they started, it would have taken much less time to heal once I did find out through food allergy testing.
  • Hold on to that love and feeling - Did you feel really good during the Reboot? If you're happy with the way it went for you, whether clearer skin, happy poops, or an overall sense of balance, hold onto it! Maybe that feeling of wellness will be the fuel to keep you on the path to rocking a Reboot lifestyle full time (with flexibility of course)!
  • Didn't get much out of it? - Maybe you strictly eliminated all of our suggested foods, took the suggested herbs, used our skin care and took all the advice from our amazing community and STILL had no results? My biggest piece of advice would be to find a trusted practitioner for further investigation. Sometimes things aren't simple, and that's okay, but you deserve to find out what's holding you back from being your best self. Remember, this was a program developed to be safe for a broad range of people, and individualized, custom care could be what you need.

I have thoroughly enjoyed writing each of these PoopTalk blogs. I mean, I got to name a blog with Poop in the title and write about all my favourite discussion topics. I had some uncontrollable laughter with the Miiko Team and received great feedback from some of you. Thank you for taking the time to read through my writing, and just as a thank you and final Reboot send off, I'd like to offer $5 off each of my new product line until May 15th. Inquire here.

Sending happy vibes for healthy poops!    mindful medicine stamp


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