What is the Skin Reboot Challenge?

What is the Skin Reboot Challenge?

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What is the Skin Reboot Challenge?

The Skin Reboot Challenge is a community-driven holistic-health program designed by Miiko Skin Co and Mindful Medicine to facilitate conversations about skin health and the internal and external factors that influence it. As a natural skincare company who offers consultations with our clients, we are learning how many people in our community are craving to understand how their diet and lifestyle is affecting their skin. We decided it was important to offer a service to help our community discover the beauty in their bare skin.

When is the Skin Reboot Challenge?

April 3rd to April 30th, 2018. We will focus on nutrition, herbal medicine, and holistic skin health to walk participants through a 28-day journey of transformation.

How do I register for the Skin Reboot Challenge?

Sign up here for complete access to the Reboot Resources and special offers! It is FREE to participate! 

I am away for part of this month, can I still participate?

The program is broken down into 7-day cycles, so anyone can join at any time. You can choose to do the program for 14-days instead of 28-days or you can do it another month that works for you. We have designed the Skin Reboot to be accessible and adaptable to everyone. Note: for the best results we do recommend following the 28-days and program guidelines. 

What do I eat during the Skin Reboot Challenge?

The complete list of foods to eat and avoid and our reasons why is in the Skin Reboot E-book. Some of the foods we recommend to avoid are dairy, sugar, wheat, alcohol, and artificial ingredients like MSG, and aspartame. Giving up these to reduce inflammation in the body and discover possible food sensitivities causing skin conditions will be the ultimate goal. 

The Skin Reboot Cookbook is packed with over 20 recipes within the nutritional guidelines! We are excited about this opportunity to go on Pinterest as well and we will be sharing recipes and resources daily through our private Facebook and Instagram page!


What happens on the Skin Reboot?

After you sign-up for the Skin Reboot Program (here is the link again) this is what happens...

1. You're invited to join the private Skin Reboot Facebook Group and Instagram. (Don't have social media? Don't worry you can still play! Read along)
      • This is where we will cheer each other on, share recipes, share stories, and lift each other up. #skinreboot

    2. You're invited book your free skin health consultation with Miiko Skin Co.

    3. You will receive a link to a Dropbox folder containing (sending out March 16th):

      • The Skin Reboot E-book - everything you need to know
      • The Skin Reboot Cookbook - eating made simple
      • The Skin Reboot Planner - plan ahead and track your results
      • Additional Resources - rabbit holes of information
    4. On Fridays, you will receive a newsletter with...
      • a recipe for the week
      • a tip on supporting elimination
      • a skin health tip
      • a fun tip or trick we want to share!
    5. April 3rd is the deadline to take your "Before" photos.
      • We take a selfie every Tuesday during the challenge to track results! Weekly prizes for engagement will be available!
    6. Every week use the Skin Reboot Planner to decide which inflammatory foods you are avoiding and create a meal plan/shopping list.
      • The Skin Reboot Planner is your simple tool for tracking your results and staying organized. 
    7. During April we are hosting workshops/events on skin health:

    8. Prizes, discounts, and contributions from these amazing businesses!

    9. April 30th - we celebrate completing a skin cycle together! An entirely new layer of skin was grown on the Reboot!


    What is the cost of the Skin Reboot Challenge?

    The Skin Reboot Challenge content is absolutely FREE! This includes the Dropbox folder to the e-book, recipe book, and planner. It includes a 10-minute skincare consultation with Miiko Skin Co and a 10-minute herbal consultation with Mindful Medicine. It includes access to the private Facebook page, Instagram page, Pinterest board, newsletters.

    ** This is our first time hosting this event and we are giving it away for free to learn how to make it better each time around. Please show us your love and participate by being part of the transformation with us!

    The Miiko Skin Co Skin Reboot Bundle is $100 and includes a complete face care product line, a free skincare consultation, and routines suited for your skin. The skincare consultation will determine if any custom product development is necessary for your skin. If you have allergies we will make you something special! You do not need to buy the bundle to participate in the Skin Reboot although we do recommend using 100% non-toxic products like Miiko Skin Co to get the best results. 

    The Mindful Medicine Reboot Bundles
    Herbal Tinctures 100ml $25

    • Revive - Gentle herbal support for the elimination pathways of the body; liver and digestion, kidneys, skin, lymphatic system
    • Relief - Gentle herbal support for digestive complaints like gas, bloating and indigestion

    Herbal Consultations

    • Skin Reboot Consult - $50
      30 minutes consultation and 100ml customized herbal tincture
    • Initial Consultation - $120
      90 minute in depth consultation with customized health protocol and 100ml tincture

    You do not need to buy the bundle to participate in the Skin Reboot although we do recommend understanding the role of herbs in the Reboot and how to use them safely. 


    Why should I do the Skin Reboot with Miiko Skin Co and Mindful Medicine?

    The Skin Reboot Challenge is for anyone who wants to make a healthy lifestyle change and craves a support network through the transformation. If you are tired of your acne, or keen to learn what foods are holding you back from your best complexion, ever the Skin Reboot Challenge is for you!

    We have put together a checklist in the introduction of the Skin Reboot E-book to see if reboot if for you! Here is below. 

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