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Ayurveda & Skincare

Ayurveda & Skincare 

Ayurveda is an ancient medical system rooted deep in Indian culture that dates back thousands of years. This system is based on the universal elements: air, ether (space), earth, water and fire. It is the philosophy that each element lives within us and is ever-changing and dynamic. As we go through life, the seasons, lifestyle, and other factors will push our bodies out of balance. Ayurveda is always aiming to bring these elements within our body back to our own constitutional balance. 

We are each born with a constitution that is set for life. Although our body’s and minds can be influenced by the outside world, such as culture, society and environment, the genetics we are born with will ultimately define our constitution for life. In Ayurveda, there are 3 Doshas, or constitutions - Vata, Pitta, Kapha. Each Dosha is made up of a combination of the elements. 

  • Vata - Air + Ether (Space) 
  • Pitta - Fire + Water 
  • Kapha - Water + Earth 

See below for a list of attributes (or characteristics) that are associated with each dosha. 

While we all have attributes of all the elements and Doshas within us, constitutionally we all lean more in one direction or another. Most people are a combination of two of the Doshas, while some are Tridosha, meaning they are an equal amount of all 3, and even more rarely, some people are only one Dosha. 

Attributes of each Dosha is a core piece of Ayurveda. When we can understand what makes up each individual, we understand how to treat and prevent illness. We do this by using medicine in the form of food, herbs, and lifestyle that have the opposite qualities of the individual's attributes. For example, Vata types are dryer, and often present with dry, flakey skin. To remedy this, a thicker or more nourishing moisturizer is recommended to combat the dryness on a topical level, while also using foods and herbs that are deeply hydrating and rich in healthy oils. 

The Doshas 

Vata - Air + Ether (Space) 

Attributes: Dry, light, cold, rough, mobile, clear. 

An example of a Vata person would be someone who loves travel, loves warmth, light on their feet and very mobile in their body and life. In balance they thrive as teachers, counselors, and deep thinkers (as the air-like qualities are associated with the nervous system). But out of balance these folks may experience constipation, anxiety, dry skin, insomnia, fear-based living and so on. Because the Fall season is one that is already very windy and "airy" grounding lifestyle practices like eating root crops and a solid self-care routine can be helpful for rooting down the "airy" Vata folks.

  • Dry 

Dry skin, dry hair, dry eyes 

Dry stool - prone to constipation 

  • Light 

Light on their feet, often tall and slender 

Alert + Attentive 

Light hair 

  • Cold 

Feels cold often, always wearing layers 

prefers warmth + sun 

  • Rough 

Prone to rough skin 

  • Mobile 

Mobile joints - hyperflexible 

Mobile in life - loves to be on the move and doesn’t like to feel “stuck” in one place Clear 

Clear intentions in life 

Physical Characteristics of Vata 

  • Often tall, long limbs, thin hair 


  • The sun + warmth 
  • To counsel + teach 
  • Travel, explore, move often and have fresh starts 


  • The cold 
  • Sensitivity to loud sounds, bright lights 

Prone to 

  • Small appetite 
  • Insomnia, anxiety/nervousness/fear 
  • ungrounded/restlessness 
  • Dryness - skin, hair, nails, dry stools/constipation 

Skin care 

  • Prone to dry + rough skin; eczema, psoriasis, fine lines 
  • Requires more gentle exfoliation, deep hydration, oil cleansing 
  • Product Recommendations: Nourish Face Cream, Nourish Face Oil, Konjac Sponge Lifestyle 
  • Quality bed time routine for ample rest 
  • Gentle exercise: walks, yoga, swimming, tai chi, qi gong 
  • Foods: gently cooked, nourishing foods; sweet potatoes, squash, greens, proteins More nourishing and building activities, not over cleansing the body 
  • Slightly warming carminative herbs: cumin, coriander, cardamon to help gently warm and move digestion

Pitta - Fire + Water 

Attributes: Hot, sharp, light, liquid, oily 

A Pitta person may fit into the stereotype of an "A" type personality. They might present as muscular, strong, active and well... fiery. They might enjoy spicy food, sweat easily, and have a fast digestive system. In balance they thrive as leaders, athletes, and seek success and personal growth. Out of balance these folks might struggle with acne, rosacea, acid reflux, and excess anger and frustration. Summer is a naturally "fiery" season, so finding balance in this season or when experiencing skin or emotional regulatory issues could be through cooling foods (leafy greens, fruits, salads), and calming skincare. 

  • Hot 

Runs hot, often feels warm 

Loves spicy food 

Sweats easily 

  • Sharp 

Great at concentrating, loves to learn 

  • Light 

Alert + attentive 

  • Oily 

Oily skin type 

Fast digestion 

Physical Attributes 

  • Medium build 
  • Often very muscular 
  • Fair skin, freckles, light or red hair 


  • Hot, spicy food or cold, raw food - but nothing in between 
  • Personal growth and challenges 
  • Success driven: loves leadership 
  • Athletic accomplishments 
  • Big appetite 


  • Heat is irritating 

Prone to 

  • Acid reflux + ulcers 
  • Loose stools 
  • Red blisters 
  • Pushing their limits when they are stressed 
  • Irritability 

Skin care 

  • Prone to flushed face with redness
  • Prone to sunburns and rashes 
  • Sensitive acne prone skin 
  • Product Recommendations: Clarity Face Oil, Refresh Face Oil, Protective Sun Cream, Clarity Toner, Clarity Face Wash


  • Waking up early to start the day 
  • Moderate exercise: jogging, yoga, hiking, sports, lifting weights 
  • Foods: dark leafy greens, ample protein and carbohydrates, gently cooked or some raw Avoid: hot, spicy foods 
  • Cooling herbs like mint + lemon balm to help ease hot digestion 

Kapha - Earth + Water 

Attributes: Heavy, slow, cool, oily, smooth, dense, soft, static, sticky, cloudy 

A "kapha" person is often that maternal figure in your life. The person who you want to cuddle up too when you are feeling sick. They often present as full-bodied, thick hair, soft-spoken, and calming persona. In balance they are healers, often incredible cooks, and incredible listeners and friends. Out of balance they may become depressed and lack energy to leave the house. They may forget to take care of themselves. Winter can be a challenging time for these folks as it is already a "Wet" "damp" season, so focusing on digestion, liver health, with smaller frequent meals and warming teas is helpful. Cystic acne is common for these folks as well, so focusing on hormonal balance and regular skincare is therapeutic. 

  • Heavy 

Nourished + grounded 

Slow digestion 

  • Slow 

Quiet, calm and not quick to move 

  • Oily 

Very well moisturized and nourished throughout the body 

  • Smooth 

Body is flexible 

Skin is smooth and even 

  • Dense 

Stable mind + body 

Dependable, hard working 

Healthy muscle tissue + strength 

  • Soft 

Tender heart 

Soft skin, soft voice 

Nurturing energy 

  • Static

Creates stability and support 

  • Cloudy 

Can become too attached to things 

Lack of judgment and clarity 

Physical attributes 

  • Thick hair 
  • Even toned skin 
  • Full bodied 
  • Glowing 
  • Soft spoken, melodic voice 
  • Slow and methodical in their actions 


  • To rest rather than be active 
  • To nurture those around them and help others 
  • Sweet foods 


  • To move fast or on a whim 

Prone to 

  • Becoming stubborn or attached 
  • Stagnation 
  • Slow digestion 

Skin care 

  • Balanced or oily skin type 
  • Can be prone to cystic acne 
  • Product Recommendations: Renew Face Wash, Renew Toner, Renew Face Oil or Clarity Face Oil, Clarity Toner, Clarity Face Wash


  • Early to bed and early to rise is best 
  • Gardening, walks along the water and gentle hikes in nature 
  • Mental health check ins to ensure self is being taken care of and not overly nurturing others Food: Smaller more frequent meals during the day. Lots of warming teas throughout. Ample dark leafy greens, protein and colorful veggies. Pungent foods like garlic, onions, leeks are helpful. Herbs: Ashwagandha to help revitalize and bring energy 

Ayurveda is not just a medical system, but a way of life. This system of medicine is overall a preventative system. When you know your Dosha, you understand the lifestyle that you can thrive in and what can be challenging. It is a beautiful way to understand yourself - body, mind and spirit, and others around you.

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