How to use your Foster samples

How to use your Foster samples

If you've recently purchased Foster samples and are curious about how to use each product included, this blog is for you.

We believe you should be able to try any of our products before you invest in the whole bottle. Everybody has a unique skin type and we know that certain products will work better for you than others.  

The sample kit is the best way for you to find out what your skin type is and try the whole face care line without breaking the bank.

How to Use the Products in your Sampler Kit
  1. Cleanser - Use as a daily face wash in the morning or evening or after sweating. Follow with toner and moisturizer. Directions: Shake the little bottle to infuse the honey. Massage Face Wash onto dry skin or wet skin to find desired lather and rinse clean.
  2. Toner- Use the toner daily as a 2nd step following your cleanser. Directions: Shake the little bottle to infuse botanicals. Apply the Toner with a reusable cotton pad, or spray into hands and pat face.
  3. Moisturizer - Use as a daily moisturizer twice a day. Directions: Massage a dime amount of serum into your face and neck.
  4. Nourish Face CreamThis product is deeply moisturizing and is best applied at night when you can kick back and let it soak in. Directions: Massage a pea-sized scoop into your face and neck. A little goes a long way.
  5. Protective Eye Cream- Apply a pea-sized amount around the eyes before bed, or use in the morning for an extra plump. 
  6. Protective Skin Cream - Apply to bare skin at least 15 minutes before sun exposure. Can be used in combination with your face serum/cream, or as your daytime moisturizer. Reapply after: swimming, excessive sweating, a towel to dry off or every 3 hours.
  7. Konjac Sponge-  Use your konjac sponge with your cleanser 1-2x per week.
    1) Soak your sponge in water until it becomes soft.
    2) Squeeze and massage your sponge in circles around your face.
    3) Spend some time around the nose and chin for blackhead removal.
    4) Rinse after use (do not wring out).
    5) Let air dry.

    If you have any further questions about product recommendations or how to use your sample kit, please email us at

    Happy Sampling


    Team Foster

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