Summer Zinc Cream: Everything you need to know

Summer Zinc Cream: Everything you need to know

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What is the Summer Zinc Cream?

Looking for a non-toxic alternative to your traditional summer skincare? The Summer Zinc Cream is our best selling product during the spring and summer for maintaining excellent skin health outdoors. Bring it with you for all of your favorite summer activities! 

Most zinc-oxide creams have a bad reputation for being too white and leaving some skin tones looking ghostly. We tint the Summer Zinc Cream 20% with organic cacao powder to help it blend onto your skin more easily, without leaving white streaks. 

Our Summer Zinc Cream 20% is organic, vegan, marine-safe, and hypo-allergenic! You can feel safe about using this product on your body and your family's bodies while spending time outdoors. 

What are the different sizes of the Summer Zinc Cream?

Summer Zinc Cream 20% - Mini

  • Perfect size for keeping in your backpack or beach bag to have on hand while you are out enjoying nature and need to reapply. 

Summer Zinc Cream 20% - 100ml

  • Our classic size!

Summer Zinc Cream 20% - Bulk 9 oz.

  • For our customers who count on this product every summer for themselves and their families and would like to save the extra packaging and save a few dollars. 

Will this product melt in the heat?

The product can melt at temperatures over 24 degrees, but this does not effect the shelf life of the product. Our containers are very leak proof, so as long as the lid is screwed on tightly, beach bags should be safe from spillage!

Want to fix your melted Summer Zinc Cream? Check out this blog post for all of our warm weather product advice!

When not using the cream, or if any is left over from the summer months, it's best to store in a dark cupboard away in the bathroom or at home to store for next season. The Summer Zinc Cream has an expiration date of 2 years after opening.

FREE DOWNLOAD INCLUDED WITH PURCHASE: Proper sun protection is very important for long-term skin health. Please enjoy this free download (updated February 2020) to learn more about UV radiation.

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