Top 5 Tips for Healthy Winter Skin

Top 5 Tips for Healthy Winter Skin

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Is cold weather bad for your skin?

The winter months are a tricky time for many of us when it comes to our skincare regimen. It's a time of extremes for our skin, between cold wind & weather outside and hot showers & turning up the heat indoors. Low temperatures can make skin dry, raw and irritated, but hot water tends to dry out the skin as well... so it's best to avoid these extreme temperature differences. 

Why does my skin get worse in the winter?

For those dealing with acne, winter can be an especially tough time. Overindulging in treats and drinks during the holidays can trigger new breakouts, but so does the change in weather. Acne causing bacteria flourishes in the winter due to a lack of UV light. So while our acne isn't necessarily worse in the winter, it just appears so in comparison to summer months when our skin has more sunlight. Because of these reasons, it's important to take some extra time for your skincare routine in the colder months.

Read on for our top tips to keep your skin hydrated, happy and healthy in the winter months...

Turn down the HEAT!

When you're feeling cold or damp from the winter chill, nothing feels better than a toasty hot shower and filling up the bathroom with steam. While it's tempting to crank the water a little bit hotter, this is one of the leading causes of dry skin in the winter months. It's best to try and limit yourself to a 5-10 minute lukewarm shower.

Hot water tends to dry out our skin, so it's best to use cool water. Cool or cold water can help to “seal” the pores in the skin and scalp too, preventing dirt from getting in and clogging them. And try to avoid extreme heat when drying hands too. Many public washrooms have swapped out paper towels for sonic hand dryers (hurray for the environment!), so if you're using one, be mindful of not drying your hands all the way with the strong heat.

Miiko Tip: if your skin is turning red from the temperature of your water, it's too hot. This goes for both your shower and when washing your hands. Another way to protect the skin on your face is to avoid washing your face in the shower altogether, and just wash with a mild cleanser at the sink instead.

Keep your eyelids moisturized to avoid fine lines.

Eye cream is important in the winter as the skin around our eyes is thinner than the rest of our face. Dry and dehydrated skin makes fine lines more apparent and highlights wrinkles. Cold temperatures and wind can cause the eyes to water more, which traps unwanted moisture on the delicate skin. 

Our top pick for the delicate eye area? The i-Zinc treatment cream. This cream is made with non-nano zinc oxide and is blended with coconut oil, jojoba oil and Shea butter to be ultra hydrating and gentle. Plus the zinc provides light SPF protection and helps to soothe any irritations that flare up on the face or body! We have now an essential oil free version for extra-sensitive skin too!

Hydrated skin is happy skin

We know, you've heard this one a million times.... but it's one of the most essential skincare tips for a good reason! While it's important to drink enough fluids in the winter, proper hydration is more than just drinking water. Skin that is prone to dehydration or tends to be on the drier side can benefit from added fatty acids and Omegas in the diet. These essential nutrients can be found in high-quality oils (such as fish oil or flaxseed oils), nuts & seeds, fish and other seafood.

A humidifier is a great option to increase the moisture levels in your home or office. Combat the dry winter air and keep your skin hydrated by placing one in the room you spend your most time in, like your bedroom. Humidifiers get bonus points for making it easier on our dry noses to breathe during the night!

Adapt your Skincare Regimen

The seasons have changed, and so should your skincare! Starting with the first step in many skincare routines: your cleanser. Swap out anything too drying or deep cleansing for a gentle face cleanser and fragrance-free soap for your body. We've designed an ultra-simple and effective Travel | Unscented Face Wash that fits this bill perfectly! Or skip the cleanser all together, and try adopting an oil-cleansing method during the winter.

The winter months can be harsh enough on the skin, so it's best to keep exfoliating treatments to a minimum and avoid astringent toners or products containing alcohol which can dry skin out further. We are fans of sandwiching our toner use in between two layers of serum application to maximize hydration.

Miiko Tip: Moisturize your hands! We wash our hands a lot in the winter to avoid sickness and usually expose our hands to the worst of the extreme temperature changes (not wearing gloves outside and hot water while washing). Give your hands some extra love with Mini Cocoa Whip!

Be Mindful of your Clothing

Scarves, hats, and headbands touch our faces frequently but are often not washed regularly with the rest of our clothes. It's important to wash these items often to prevent acne-causing bacteria from accumulating. 

Struggle with itchy skin during the winter? Your clothing may be contributing to the aggravation. Wearing damp or wet clothing and socks can irritate already sensitive skin, so be sure to change into clean, dry clothes as soon as possible. And opt for softer fabrics for clothing items that come in direct contact with your skin, instead of wool or rough fibers. Layering your softest clothes before your thick sweaters will keep you toasty warm and your skin less itchy and cranky.


We hoped you learned a few new tips from this blog to give your skin extra loving during the winter! We promise that warmer months are around the corner... but no matter what time of year it is, Miiko Skin Co is here to help your skin stay hydrated and happy! Now please excuse us while we go and slather our hands in Orange Cocoa Whip...

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