Top Tips for Skin Refreshment

Top Tips for Skin Refreshment

Has it been a tough summer for your skin? From wildfire smoke to record breaking heat waves, our bodies (and Mother Nature) have been put through the ringer. With the change in season around the corner, it can be a good time to give your skin some extra TLC and find a bit of extra time for your routines. 

Is your skin is feeling a little clogged up from the smoke, hot & humid temperatures, or from a summer filled with a bit too fun much? If so, read on for our best tips for some skin loving refreshment!



There's nothing quite like shedding some old skin to help you get your your glow back! Without regular exfoliation, you may notice your skin has developed a bumpy texture, feels more dry or flaky, or just looks a little less spectacular than normal. However, there is a fine line to be careful with when it comes to exfoliating. You don't want to do it everyday, or use anything too harsh that may strip away at our natural skin-protecting oils.

Our top pick? Konjac Sponges! We have three options available so no matter what your skin type, you can help your skin turn over a new leaf:

  • Pure Konjac - great for sensitive skin & all skin types
  • Red Clay Konjac - great for dry or mature skin 
  • Charcoal Konjac - great for oily or acne-prone skin

Click here to watch our AWESOME video about exfoliation, and learn how it works on a deeper level!


This one may seem a little obvious, and it's been told to you a million times before... but it's probably one of the best things you can do for yourself! Drinking enough water and supplying your body with electrolytes (sodium, potassium, magnesium, calcium) is essential to the proper function of every organ in the body. You skin is your largest organ in the body and you are over 75% water. Making a habit out of drinking water is not the easiest thing to do if you are not used to it! We’ve found that having a water bottle around and setting a goal for drinking the whole thing 4x per day is a great starting point. 

  • We're big fans of squeezing some lemon juice and sprinkling a pinch of sea salt into our water to give it delicious flavour and extra electrolytes. Herbal teas are another hydrating option when the temperatures start to dip.

Puffy eyes in the morning can be a sign of dehydration or too much sodium in the body. (You could also be really tired!) Try putting a cool spoon on your eyes to help constrict the blood flow and bring the puffiness down. 

To help with external hydration, switch up your skincare routine to include oil cleansing. Apply 3-4 pumps Face Serum onto your face and neck and treat yourself to a mini massage. Rinse clean with a warm washcloth (Want some extra TLC? Hold it to your face for some extra relaxation and pore steaming, it feels glorious), and repeat for a second application if you wish! Finish with a spray or two of Face Toner, which leads us to our next tip...


Environmental aggressors like pollution and smoke can be really hard on our skin, and leaves it vulnerable to breakouts, allergies and other topical infections. Luckily our skin is naturally designed to protect itself (thank you ACID MANTLE!) but sometimes it needs some extra support. Enter a Face Toner! Our toners are a natural way to protect the skin from environmental aggressors - just like a shield! The botanicals are blended with anti-inflammatory and astringent ingredients to protect your skin's tissues from unwanted issues. The toner also works as a gentle exfoliator that can be used daily.

Want to learn how to incorporate a toner into your skincare routine? We made this video to show how it works, and explain what it does for your skin



Another obvious tip, but essential for your skin's (and soul's!) happiness. Our skin is properly able to rest and regenerate when we're getting our eight hours... but with longer days, hotter nights and more social plans, sleep can often get pushed to the back-burner for more fun activities.

Trust us, your mental state and diminished dark circles will thank you for getting in your ZZZ's!



Makeup and sweat don't mix, so in the hotter months, you may find yourself wearing less makeup than the rest of the year. But on the days when you do wear it, be sure to take it all off before your head hits the pillow. The i-Coco works for your eye makeup and mascara, while the Honey Face Wash is great at cleaning off any makeup you may have on your face, like foundation or concealer. This combo effectively removes everything and leaves your skin clean without feeling too tight.

Properly washing off any makeup, sweat, or general yuck from the day helps set your skin up for a better tomorrow! Same rule goes for gym or yoga classes or sweaty outdoor activities: try and take off your makeup beforehand or don't wear any at all and let your skin breathe!

We think letting your inner beauty shine is PERFECT!

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