The Chronicles of PoopTalk: Culinary Herbs you can TOOT about!

The Chronicles of PoopTalk: Culinary Herbs you can TOOT about!

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The Skin Reboot has officially been underway for 4 days! That means by now, you're probably started spending a good amount of time in the kitchen, and maybe even experimenting with new foods, flavors and recipes. In the first PooptTalk blog post I mentioned how changing your diet can also change your digestive behavior, increase or decrease gas/bloating, and bowel movements.

This week I will touch on a few culinary herbs to help relieve digestive complaints while adding flavor and creativity to your cooking.

If you love to cook or enjoy Indian or Thai cuisine, you've definitely tasted the culinary herbs and spices that give these dishes pazaaz! Did you know these herbs and spices are also medicinal plants that have been used for centuries! 

The common culinary spices are: cumin, coriander, turmeric, ginger, fennel, clove, garlic, cardamom, rosemary, mints all have a specific medicinal action called "carminative".

Carminative plants are fragrant and delicious, partly due to the volatile oils present in each herb. These oils are known to help relax the digestive system by releasing trapped gas, soothing spasms in the tract and sphincters and regulating peristalsis (the movement of elimination in the GI). They actively soothe inflammation locally where they are ingested, starting in the mouth and esophagus all the way to the colon.

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Cooling Carminative Plants

Certain carminative plants such as mint and rosemary, have a cooling effect. Cooler plants can be indicated in times of heat, like prolonged loose bowel movements, symptoms of heat, like a flushed face, or redness and swelling. Cooling carminatives help treat hot natured, spasmodic conditions.

Warming Carminative Plants

Other carminative plants like ginger and garlic are hot natured. Warming plants are indicated where there is stagnancy such as constipation, gas/bloating, cold hands, and feet etc. Warming carminatives are useful for stimulating stagnant conditions in the GI.

This is a simple tool you can take into account when cooking! If you are frequently cold, prone to constipation and experience gas on a regular basis, you can self-prescribe some warming carminative herbs and spices to your meals on a daily basis! See the Chai Tea Recipe below!

I love to enjoy these herbs as a tea because you can really taste the flavors. Trapped gas is soothed by the medicinal action and increased water intake that is necessary for digestion. Here are some of my favourite carminative recipes!

Vata Tea - Warming and Delightful

Vata is a term derived from Ayurvedic medicine, this tea helps to promote healthy bowel movements and eliminate gas, bloating, and intestinal spasms.

Equal parts
-Pinch of fresh ginger
-Squeeze of fresh lemon juice
Steep in hot water for 10-15 minutes, strain and enjoy!

Where to buyFrom me! Or any local health food or herb shop.

Chai Tea - Spiced and Warming

Chai is traditionally made with black tea, but I like to swap it out for Holy Basil (Ocimum sanctum) or other medicinal herbs. You can get creative with amounts of each herb and change it to your liking! This tea will help eliminate gas, bloating, intestinal spasms, congestion of the lungs and increase cognitive function.

-Holy Basil (1/2 tsp)
-Fennel (1/2 tsp)
-Cardamom (1-3 pods cracked open)
-Fresh Ginger root (1" piece)
-Clove (1-2)
-Cinnamon (1/4 tsp)
-Peppercorn (1-2 dried)

Add all the ingredients into a pot of water on high heat, once it starts to boil turn down to low and let simmer for minimum 15 minutes. I like to leave mine on low heat for quite awhile to infuse all the medicinal goodness into the tea. Add your favourite non-dairy milk if you'd like at the end and enjoy!

Where to buy: Any local health food or herb shop.

Pitta Tea - Cooling and Calming

Pitta is also a term of Ayurvedic medicine. Pitta conditions need cool natured herbs with calming and relaxing properties.

Equal Parts
-Lemon Balm
-Lavender (optional)

Steep in water for 10-15 minutes, strain and enjoy!

Where to buy: From me! Or any local health food or herb shop.

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Don't forget about the Mindful Miiko Cookbook!

The cookbook we've created for you during the reboot has awesome recipes chalked full of these wonderful aromatic herbs. If you're new to cooking with spices or usually just reach for the basics like salt and pepper, I want to challenge you to try something new! Not only for the pazaaz of the flavors but for your digestive system and all it does for you on a regular basis!

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