What to Eat: Follow us down the Reboot Rabbit Hole

What to Eat: Follow us down the Reboot Rabbit Hole

Ellie Shortt is a local nutritional therapist and chef in Victoria BC who will be hosting a workshop at Miiko Skin Co on Thursday April 12th. Ellie is the author of Whole Happy and incredible local resource for people just like us interested in cooking for taste and health!


What is Whole Happy?

Eating For Your Skin's Health
with Ellie Shortt (Whole Happy) Nutritionist and Chef
April 12th 6:15-7:15

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Ellie will provide her top tips for that healthy glow from the inside out, while dismantling many of those misleading myths you may have already come across. She will be discussing the important topics of inflammation, detoxification, and proper digestion as they relate to skin health, and will be able to answer any of your own personal questions about health, wellness, diet, and nutrition. She will also be providing some light snacks, sips, and recipes to help you through your Miiko Skin Reboot Challenge!


Creamy Roasted Beet Dip


Super Ceaser Salad

Refreshing & Detoxiying Green Smoothie


If you would like to see more recipes from Ellie and others please head over to the pinterest board we created for you!

Pinterest Board of Reboot Recipe Ideas


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