Make everyday Earth Day - 10 ways to love the planet

Make everyday Earth Day - 10 ways to love the planet

We are all about simple solutions to do better everyday. Let this Earth day mark your commitment to try one new thing to love the planet. We don't need a handful of humans doing things perfectly - we need all humans making small choices and changes to create a big impact. 

Here are 10 ways you can make a big change. Remember - just try one or two, no need to do all tend to be an Earth Hero. 

1. Pick up trash on your walks:

You can go by yourself at first, but if you need more support, ask others in your community to join.

  1. Use your car less and choose to bike or walk more

If it's less than a 30 minutes - walk! Less than an hour - bike! Choosing to NOT use your car even once a week makes a big impact. 

3. Start your own garden

There is something really satisfying about growing a plant from seed to fruit. There are so many options to grow plants even if you live in an apartment. If you have limited space, start small by regrowing veggies in water or planting a small herb garden. Connecting with plants and new growth is an amazing way to feel tethered to the Earth and appreciate all it does for us.

4. Start composting

Depending on where you live, composting is a fulfilling process to be a part of. If you have a backyard, front yard, or small garden plot you can start making your own compost by simply digging a hole in the ground. 

  1. Work towards low waste living

Every single person can benefit from learning to produce less waste. Buying less, but better, being conscious of the end of life of the things you own, and choosing refillable products for your daily rituals is a great start! Like Foster and our partner brand Elate. 

6. Plant a tree

Plant a tree in a pot, in your yard, or join a local planting party. There are also tons of amazing businesses that will plant a tree with every purchase, like Foster Skincare and Elate Beauty! You can check out the list here to see what businesses are involved in the One Tree project.

7. Plant wildflowers for the bees

Bees are STILL endangered! Planting some wildflowers or even letting some dandelions grow instead of treating them like weeds can help though it has become a bigger issue. Consider reaching out to local farms, retailers, and beekeepers (like our founder Melodie!) to see how you can help the bees native to your specific climate. 

8. Put up a bird feeder

Supporting your local birds has a big impact on the ecosystem. Be sure to have a feeder and food that supports the specific birds in your area.  

9. Turn off your lights and unplug devices

When you leave a room, always turn off the lights. Saving energy is a super simple, easy way to show the planet you care, while also saving on your bills. 

10. Use less water

Choose showers instead of baths, and using a bucket to collect the extra water while it is heating up to use for plants or dishes. Using an energy-efficient dishwasher rather than washing by hand also can help save on water if possible!

With one small change, you really can make a big impact! Thanks for loving the earth. 

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