5 Ways To Wrap Without Waste

5 Ways To Wrap Without Waste

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Wrapping your holiday gifts with the environment in mind is growing in popularity as we become more and more aware of the waste that occurs during the holiday season.

Did You Know?

  • Most wrapping paper is not recyclable because of its plastic coating
  • Each Christmas, about 8 million pounds of products arrive from China
  • Canada produces about 1.8 billion pounds of garbage between Thanksgiving and Christmas each year.
  • The annual waste generated from gift-wrap and gift bags is about 1.1 billion pounds.

Here are a few simple ways to wrap without waste this holiday

1. Furoshiki Wrapping

Furoshiki is a traditional Japanese form of gift wrapping using a square cloth and knot tying. Usually the cloth is 25cm x 25cm or 50cm x 50cm but you can use any square size depending on what you are wrapping. 

Check out our YouTube Channel for videos on how to wrap with Furoshiki.

2. Repurpose with Purpose

Buy a gift bag or box that can be re-used or re-use ones that have been gifted to you in the past! This is a simple way to re-purpose your gift wrapping without any cost or worry! Have to buy one? The thrift store has hundreds of nice lightly used gift bags for $.50 a piece!

Did you receive a gift wrapped with ribbon or a bow? Hold onto them so you can reuse them for wrapping another present in the future! It helps to store all gift bags, ribbons and other wrapping materials in one place so you can easily find them next year.

3. Gift Card in a jar of treats

Giving gift cards for a Christmas gift is a great way to make sure the giftee picks out something they will enjoy for years and years. Try wrapping your gift card in creative ways to make the opening experience more fun for the giftee!

Check out our YouTube Channel for more great sustainable wrapping ideas!

4. Upcycle Comic Books, Maps, or Music Paper

If you are giving a gift that is already in a box and you would like to wrap it, consider using an up-cycled paper that can be recycled afterwards like music paper or comic book pages!

5. Gift Basket

If you have a gift of goodies, consider putting all your items in a big Christmas mug, an indoor plant pot, or a nice wicker basket wrapped in a tea towel or scarf!



There are many ways to wrap without waste! Use nature to decorate your presents instead of bows; or photos and stamps instead of wrapping paper!

Share your favourite ways with us!

 "My favourite part about wrapping my gifts using eco-friendly options is the conversations I get to have with my nephews about the environment and how to be environmentally responsible" - Kimiko Foster

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