Bottle Hygiene

Bottle Hygiene

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The power of hand-washing and sanitizing frequently touched surfaces is an incredible independent action we can all be taking right now. 

We would love to recommend to our customers to use a dry cloth or paper towel and alcohol-based sanitizer to wipe down their Miiko Skin Co bottles after they purchase them from the grocery store. 

We would love to recommend you always wash your hands before washing your face and also you wipe down your bottle nozzles on a regular basis. 

If you use a cream-based product from us that is in a jar we recommend you use a q-tip or a sanitized apparatus to scoop out the product and put it onto your hands. This is a good practice anyway! We like to use cardboard cotton swabs cut in half (not the plastic ones!). 

Refilling your Bulk Products at Home!

Here are our best practices for refilling your bulk products at home!

What you need:

  • Clean hands
  • Bottle sanitizer or soap and water
  • Paper towel or dry clean cloth
  • Small funnel - (Not applicable for Bulk Serum)
  • Measuring cup with spout - *optional 

    How to Refill 

    1. Wash your hands using the Honey Face Wash or Hand Soap thoroughly! (20 seconds)
    2. Sanitize the bottles and bottle heads of both your bulk and your regular size bottles using a paper towel, or dry clean towel, and the free sanitizer we provided!
    3. Gently rotate and shake your bottles to infuse the ingredients and prepare for a refill.
    4. This is important to ensure your refill has the correct ratio of ingredients.

      For Face Wash and Toner:

      1. Use a spouted measuring device and a funnel for the best results.
      2. Make sure your equipment is sanitized with soap and boiling water.
      3. Measure and pour into the regular-sized Face Wash or Toner bottle using a funnel.

        For Serum:

        1. Remove the lid of your regular 30ml serum bottle and pump from your bulk 120ml bottle to fill. 

        For Face Wash, Toner, and Serum:

        1. Do not back pour. 
        2. Tightly screw-on both lids.
        3. Sanitize both bottles using a paper towel, or dry clean towel, and the free sanitizer we provided!
        4. Store your bulk bottles in a cool, dark, dry place to preserve the ingredients.

          All Bulk Bundles as of March 23 include a sanitizer spray, but you can make your own at home too! Here is how:

          • Purchase rubbing alcohol (70%) or isopropyl alcohol (90%) from the store. (This might be hard to do in current circumstances).
          • Find a small spray bottle 
          • Mix a 60:40 ratio of alcohol with distilled water 
          • Add essential oil blend for an extra kick!

            For more information on DIY Hand Sanitizers (from the perspective of cosmetic scientists), please check out this super informative (and cute!) video.

            Please take care of yourselves, follow public health guidelines, and wash your hands frequently. It’s our responsibility as a community to look after the health and well-being of ourselves, each other, the elderly, and the immunocompromised.


            Team Miiko (Kimiko, Sarah & Avery)

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