Helpful Resources During COVID-19

Helpful Resources During COVID-19

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We put together a compilation of the resources that have helped us so far.  We will do our best to update the information as time passes but please note the date this blog was published for your best frame of reference!

  1. Business Resources
  2. Mental Health
  3. Activities 
  4. Food & Drink 

The Government website should be the number one resource for any COVID-19 related updates 

Business Resources

Complete COVID-19 Resource Hub from VIATEC

Includes federal, provincial and other direct links regarding:

  1. Business Support
  2. Personal Income Support
  3. Help for Individuals and Families
  4. Housing Support

COVID-19 VIATEC Member Resources

Federal Government Support for Small Business: CFIB 

Canadian Federation of Independent Business (CFIB) is working hard for business owner rights in parliament.

Their COVID-19 Small Business Help Centre includes: 

  1. Frequently Asked Questions
  2. Free Templates 
  3. Webinars for Small Business Owners Navigating COVID-19
  4. Government Relief 

Business Management: Articles for Employers

Mental Health Resources

Government of BC

Virtual Mental Health Support During COVID-19 

Mental Health Articles: Family Sparks

Meditation Resources


Host Virtual Games Nights

  1. Houseparty App: Play games and there is no time limit with multiple people.
  2. Zoom: video conferencing platform.
    1. Host a scavenger hunt with your friends by making a list of things they have to find in their house and race back to the screen for points. 
    2. Pictionary 
    3. Charades 
  3. Kahoot: Host a trivia night

Dance Parties

  1. Twitch: This is the best live streaming app platform for music because it has the best audio quality! We recommend following artists you like on Facebook and Instagram to get updates on when they're live-streaming.
  2. Zoom: Get a group together and dance to your favourite musician at home. 


  1. Go outside for walks, runs, hikes, workouts! Keep a safe distance from people. 
  2. Youtube: Yoga with Adriene
  3. Youtube: Fitness Blender (beginner to intermediate)
  4. Youtube: Heather Robertson FREE 12 week program (advanced)
  5. Local Victoria Studios offering online classes - Support local!
    1. Quantum Yoga Club
    2. SALT Pilates + Barre
    3. Barre Made
    4. Alive Mindbody
    5. One Yoga Victoria
    6. Ashtanga Yoga Victoria
    7. MĀ Yoga


    1. Museum Tours
    2. Podcasts
      1. Radio Lab: dispatch 1, dispatch 2, dispatch 3, space have been awesome! very informative, easy to listen to
      2. No Such Thing as a Fish: a handful of people get together and talk about facts that they've found out and the others add other information they've found about it and they all have a great sense of humor.
      3. Ologies: podcast focusing on a single topic through interview format with a hilarious host.
    3. COURSERA: Free online courses you can do for free on it- if you want to do an exam to have proof that you did the course you can pay a small fee, otherwise you can do the courses for your own knowledge/curiosity
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    What a great uplifting Newsletter,! Kimiko, if you cannot get through to BR you can call me direct and any business that you know can call me direct as well 250-818-4672
    Be Well! Thanks for all you do !
    Debbie 🙂

    Debbie Hartz

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