Why Wash your Face with Honey?

Why Wash your Face with Honey?

honey face wash

The Honey Face Wash is our best selling product! It is effective at removing dirt and acne-causing bacteria, but it won’t strip your skin of its natural oils.

The main question we get... why is honey good for my face?  

As the name suggests, honey is the key ingredient in our face wash because it's a multi-tasking wonder! Honey helps to prevent breakouts because it's anti-bacterial, anti-fungal, and anti-viral, and it also helps to lock moisture into the skin.

Our honey is made in a rural area far from any commercial farms, which is why it is truly organic and pesticide-free.  Honey is a natural preservative. This product is 100% natural and 100% toxin-free.


Honey Face Wash FAQ:

    Will the Face Wash remove my make-up?

      The Honey Face Wash is an effective makeup remover for foundation however we recommend the i-Coco for removing eye makeup.

        How often should I wash my face?

        It depends on your lifestyle...
        • Do you often touch your face, wear makeup, sweat often, or struggle with acne? You will probably want to wash your face after the gym or sweating, and in the evening to remove makeup.
        • Do you rarely wash your face, wear makeup, sweat, or struggle with acne? You probably don't need to wash your face unless you feel the need to clean off the grime. This will most likely just be in the evening.
        If you never use soap... don't start. Your skin has a bacterial flora just like your gut. Some people have more imbalanced skin flora than others. Often this is due to makeup use, excessive sweating, or hormonal imbalances. When there is an increased level of bad bacterial growth on the skin (like dirt, makeup, sweat or anything that should be washed off) it is beneficial to use a face wash.

          Can I travel with my Face Wash?

            Yes! We created the Traveler's Face Wash for you to fit in your carry-on or take with you wherever you need to go! This product is 60ml and unscented to respect the hosts of Miiko Skin Co travelling the world!

              Is the honey pasteurized?

              We source our honey from a hobbyist beekeeper who lives in Metchosin BC. The honey is not pasteurized. The bees are over 15km away from any commercial farms and are not exposed to any pesticides or chemicals.

                honey bee made out of food using honey comb, grapefruit peel, grapefruit, bee pollen, honey.

                What's Inside the Bottle?

                Cruelty-Free Honey

                Supplier: Windriver Farms, Metchosin, BC

                Skin Benefits

                • Anti-bacterial, anti-fungal & anti-viral = helps to prevent breakouts
                • Humectant = locks moisture in the skin
                • Pulls out blackheads
                • Natural preservative = no need for toxic preservatives

                  Organic Extra-Virgin Coconut Oil

                  Supplier: Ostro Organics, Victoria, BC

                  Skin Benefits

                  • Anti-bacterial, anti-fungal & anti-viral = helps to prevent breakouts
                  • Acts as a natural stabilizer and preservative for the product = no need for toxic preservatives
                  • Moisturizing

                    Extra-Virgin Blood Orange Olive Oil

                    Supplier: Evoolution, Edmonton, AB

                    Skin Benefits

                    • High in antioxidants
                    • Minimizes the effects of free radicals
                    • Helps to reduce the visible signs of ageing
                    • Hypoallergenic 

                    Vegetable Castile Soap

                    Supplier: Mountain Sky Soaps, Crescent Valley, BC

                    Skin Benefits

                    • Biodegradeable
                    • Retains its natural glycerin to create a milder natural soap

                      Organic Orange Essential Oil

                      Supplier: Genie in a Bottle, Victoria, BC

                      Skin Benefits

                      • Uplifting scent
                      • Effective at cleansing skin and removing dirt
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