Troubleshooting Skin - Tips & Tricks

Troubleshooting Skin - Tips & Tricks

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Skincare Should Be Simple. 

When we are creating products at Miiko Skin Co we are very interested in the chemistry of your skin as an organ. 

1. You skin is naturally acidic, which acts like a shield. Your sweat, sebum, and natural flora on the skin create a thin mucous membrane that is acidic (4.5-5.5 PH). The acid mantle (acid shield) creates an inhospitable environment for external irritants, bacteria, fungus and viruses protecting you from infection. - This is why we make the Saving Face Toner2. Your skin's top layer resembles a brick and mortar wall. The top layer of your skin (stratum corneum) is a layer of dead skin, which under a microscope resembles a brick and mortar wall. The bricks are the skin cells, and the mortar is oil (sebum). It acts like a wall to repel water and keep the tissues hydrated. - This is why we make the Face Oils

3. After the age of 25 your skin will slow down. This is a reality of life and the reason why using skin care products can be beneficial for slowing the process of aging in the skin. Learn more about the age spots. - This is why we use anti-oxidant rich Face Oils, and promote exfoliation. 

1. Oil Cleansing Routine [3-4x Week]

Use the Face Oil and massage 4 pumps onto your skin in circular motions for a minute or so. Rinse clean with a warm wash cloth. If you still feel dry, use the Face Oil to moisturize at the end.

  • Oil cleansing will strengthen your top layer of skin (the brick & mortar wall) and help your skin to be more consistent and less prone to dry skin during seasonal changes and breakouts. 
  • You may notice your pores seem not as clear using this method. This is when using a gentle exfoliant like the Konjac Sponge, or using a cotton pad to apply the toner at the end of oil cleansing will make a huge difference.

2. Build a Regular Routine - Repetition, Repetition, Repetition!

Make a morning and evening ritual a habit.
  • Reduce the times you need to troubleshoot by keeping up the routine in the first place. YES, that means bringing Miiko when you go to the gym and when you go travelling.

3. Build exercises into your routine for healthier skin

  • Lymph massage - When you was washing your face or applying the Face Oil try to massage your skin in circular motions. Make sure you massage the muscles in your cheeks and jaws, temples and down the neck! Stimulating the lymph will help to eliminate toxins from the lymphatic system in your face!
  • Face exercises - Try making funny faces in the mirror, like saying WOW ten times. Men who shave and move their lips around and lift up their chin are actually helping to reduce the signs of a droopy chin! Who would have thought!
  • Here is a link to the Face Yoga Method. - a style of exercises we like to promote at events! (We are not sponsored by Face Yoga Method, just fans of face exercises!)

4. Try cold water!

  • It might be the first time you heard it from us but it won't be the last, we do not recommend washing with HOT water ever.
  • Hot water is disruptive to the top layer of skin (it dries out our natural oils) and increases the risk of dry skin and irritations. 
  • We like to use luke-warm water to wash and then finish each routine with a cold splash! Bonus points for the invigorating finish!

Have a tip or trick up your sleeve? Write to us and we will update the blog!

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