Pregnancy and Skincare - Part 1

Pregnancy and Skincare - Part 1

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If you are pregnant, just had a baby, thinking about getting pregnant, or have fertility on the brain you might be thinking about your body in a new way. The internet is a crazy place, and it definitely has an opinion on pregnancy. 

Pregnancy and childbirth is a wild masterpiece of the human species (and all mammalian creatures) and it is a shame that there is so much media suggesting that it is not “ok” to have stretch marks, weight gain, and acne while hormones peak and valley in attempt to keep an embryo alive from conception to breastfeeding. 

Before writing this blog series, we asked for some help. Huge thank you to Angelique, a local midwife in Victoria BC who helped shed light on our top pregnancy and skin care related questions. In the next blog we will dive a little deeper into common skin problems during pregnancy and potential explanations. 

Interview with Angelique

What is your #1 recommendation for looking after yourself during pregnancy?

Find trusted resources or health care providers for your questions and concerns during your pregnancy and postpartum period. Educate yourself during your pregnancy rather than using Google or relying on myths created by the media. There is a lot of fear and false information out there regarding pregnancy and mindful to tune into your heart, what is important to you, to your family, to your traditions. These babies come to teach us.

What is the “pregnancy glow”? 

The pregnancy glow is caused by an increase in estrogen and progesterone hormones, which will increase oil production in the skin and generally just make for radiance. The flush is due to increased blood volume (maternal blood volume doubles in pregnancy) which will add a possible plumpness and rosy hue to the face. 

What are the most common potential skin problems you see during pregnancy?  

  • Dryness & Itchiness
  • Hyperpigmentation
  • Increased sensitivity
  • Acne
  • Increased hair growth on face

What is the deal with stretch marks? 

Stretch marks result from small tears in deeper dermal layers. Stretch marks most commonly happen to the skin during times of rapid body growth...puberty and pregnancy are the most acute times in people's lives where sometimes the “inside” grows faster than the “outside” can accommodate for. Stretch marks are quite cool in that the skin does not tear, despite rapid uterine and baby growth, it simply creates small scars that allow for more growth to happen. 

Some people get stretch marks, some people do not. It is based on your skin's ability to adapt to change, depending on skin and how rapid the growth was. For example if a mama was pregnant with twins, not always, but it would be more common for her to show stretch marks from her pregnancy due to the faster growth of her babies x2. 

There is not conclusive evidence that any topical creams/oils make any difference, however every mamma has something they swear by. Supplementing with Vitamin E  and C have been found to create a more supple epidermal layer. 

We recommend Shea Butter or the Mini Cocoa Whip!!! 

Here is a fun DIY recipe if you want to make your own!

DIY Belly Balm Recipe

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