Sustainable Gift Wrapping Ideas

Sustainable Gift Wrapping Ideas

sustainably wrapping a gift with craft paper

Did your grandparents ever wrap your Christmas gifts in a newspaper? Funny how things always come full circle, except even newspapers aren't especially a common by-product laying around the house these days. 

Kraft paper is trending right now, which is awesome! But try to consider the root of eco-friendly wrapping. Reduce, re-use, re-purpose, recycle! Indeed Kraft paper is easier to recycle, but let’s imagine some creative ways to wrap with only post-consumer paper (no virgin trees!) or maybe no trees at all?!

If you love dressing up your presents with a little pizazz and enjoying the eco-vibe of Kraft paper and greenery here are a few tips to keep in mind! 

  • Make it reusable! Creating a gift wrap that is reusable is a gift in itself! Often gift wrap has a plastic coating on it or even pieces of tape which make it hard or impossible to recycle! 
    • Something like reusable bags, tea towels, baskets, or furoshiki clothes are awesome because they can be reused and repurposed by the giftee!
  • Purchase 2nd hand. Do you love specialty gift wrap? Visit a second hand store! Usually there are stacks of gift wrap for next to nothing! You can always have your cake and eat it too!
    • Second hand stores are great for finding cute boxes, wicker baskets, and even tea towels which would be perfect for wrapping gifts. 
  • Make it interactive! Find some old comics, music sheets, or maps. The giftee might not read the paper but you will enjoy reminiscing on your youth! 
  • Use food! We love the idea of putting a gift card in a jar full of chocolate chips, mixed nuts or jelly beans! No need to explain this one. Yummy. 

        When it comes to wrapping gifts it can be as simple or extravagant as you want. Reuse an old bag and add a few flowers or a Christmas ornament. Or make the gift wrap the gift itself - like reusable mesh produce bags, socks, or tea towels!

        Whatever you do, try to have the intention that there will be many lives ahead for the wrapping. This also works for Christmas cards!  Only write on a small insert of your holiday cards so they can be repurposed! Send pictures, jokes, or memories! Let the card be the vessel that can continue on delivering smiles and connection. 

        Also - super eco? - consider avoiding the Christmas cards with batteries, tinsel and glitter. Just good old Kraft paper with funny jokes are the easiest to recycle. I know it's sad… ignore this point if the sing song glitter ball card gets you every time

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