What Collection is Right for Me?

What Collection is Right for Me?

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It can be hard to find the perfect routine for your unique skin type, but we’ve paired these products together with you in mind! Buying a Face Care Collection makes it easy to develop a simple daily routine, or fine complimentary products for the Miiko you already use!

Why choose a Miiko Collection? 


For the month of September, we’re offering 15% off each Collection (that is $15 off for most collections!).


Dry or Mature Skin? Try the Rejuvenation Collection 

Image of Miiko Rejuvenation Collection

Great For: Dry or mature skin types. Hydrating dry skin and smoothing out fine lines.

This Collection Includes: 

Key Features: The essential oil blend in the Golden Serum is designed to nourish aging skin types, promote blood flow, and encourage cell repair. It is packed with vitamins and antioxidants to slow down the process of aging in the skin.

Glowing Customer Review:
“I love ❤️ this product line and wouldn’t use anything else! My skin always feels clean and fresh which helps me keep my youthful appearance. Amazing, locally sourced and produced skincare. 😌” - Charlene

Click here to check out the Rejuvenation Collection!


Oily and/or Acne-Prone Skin? Try the Balancing Complexion Collection

Image of Miiko Balancing Complexion Collection

Great For: Managing mild to moderate acne. Helps to balance the PH on the skin and control breakouts. 

This Collection Includes: 

Key Features: The Honey Cleanser and Apple Toner work in combination to wash away acne-causing bacteria and balance the ideal PH state of the skin to reduce the spread of acne on the face and increase healing time. 

The Luminous Serum should be used as needed to help moisturize the skin membrane, balance oil production in the skin, and support a stronger skin tissue from future breakouts.

Glowing Customer Review:
“This skin care line up has truly limited the amount of breakouts I get while also healing my skin from acne scars. 100% recommend!” - Haley

Click here to check out the Balancing Complexion Collection!


Combination and/or Oily Skin? Try the Combination Collection

Image of Combination Collection

Great For: Oily/combination skin types which struggle more with T-zone oiliness and blackheads, than recurring breakouts.  

This Collection Includes: 

Key Features: The Hazel Rose Toner is astringent which tightens pores and helps to minimize the recurrence of blackheads. This is a long-term commitment for skincare as black heads can return without consistent skincare practice.  

The Luminous Serum is designed to balance oil production on the skin and convince the skin to stop over-producing oil in areas with large pores (T-zone).

Glowing Customer Review:
“These products are incredible! I’ve always struggled with balancing my combination skin, either way too oily or too dry. With these products, my skin is so soft and smooth. I no longer have excess oil, and my dry patches have gone completely away. This collection has also helped reduce redness and even my skin tone which is a huge plus! And as someone with sensitive skin, I have had no reactions, and my skin feels healthier than ever. Also, they smell amazing, very refreshing without being overpowering. Highly recommend it!!” - Micaela

Click here to check out the Combination Collection!


Sensitive Skin or prefer unscented formulas? Try the Simple As Possible Collection 

Image of Simple as Possible Collection

Great For: Highly sensitive dry skin. Designed for people who prefer no scent or aroma in their skincare.

This Collection Includes: 

Key Features: The Face Wash and Serum work together to provide extremely gentle cleansing and moisturization without any added essential oils or scented ingredients.

The i-Zinc has made a noticeable difference for many inflamed skin scenarios and is highly recommended to reduce the symptoms associated with itching and hives.

Glowing Customer Review:
“My skin feels nourished after using this skin line. It was just the product line I've been looking for and it's so fabulous that it's made in BC.” - Cynthia

Click here to check out the Simple as Possible Collection!

Still not sure what’s right for you? Book a FREE Skin Consultation here, or Take the Skin Quiz to get personalized results that we write just for you! 


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