FAQ: Natural Face Serums

FAQ: Natural Face Serums

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What is a face serum?

A face serum is a lightweight moisturizer that penetrates deeper to deliver ingredients into the skin. Traditionally, serums are defined by their water, fluid or gel-like texture. Serums also contain high concentrations of essential nutrients proven to rejuvenate the skin's tissues. 

Serums are designed to deliver maximum levels of potency and efficacy while coming in a lightweight package.  Antioxidants are some of the most potent ingredients in serums and they are a vital component in fighting free radical damage to the skin.

The human body is under constant attack from oxidative stress. This is when an oxygen molecule splits into single atoms with unpaired electrons (called free radicals) and starts a domino effect of damage to the living cells in the body. Examples of free radicals are pollution, rancid ingredients, UV damage, toxic chemicals, stress and so on. The chain reaction is stopped when antioxidants are present. That is why eating a diet and using products rich in antioxidants are essential in preventing the signs of aging inside and outside the body

What makes Miiko Skin Co Serums different?

Natural vs. Synthetic

Miiko Skin Co focuses on using phytonutrients derived from plants rather than using any synthetic ingredients or extractions made in the lab. Many other skin care companies advertise their serums containing Vitamin C or Vitamin A, but these antioxidant compounds are naturally occurring in many ingredients like rosehip seed oil, carrot seed oil, and other plant-based ingredients. 

What does it mean for a compound to be extracted? 

A key example of this can be found in many household medicine cabinets: white willow bark (Salix alba) has the active ingredient Salicin, which is mimicked in the lab for use in Aspirin pain medication.

Extractions are very common in skincare products. Ingredients like salicylic acid, retinol, hyaluronic acid, [fill in the blank] extract. 

Instead of using just the extractions of plants which requires a laboratory and sometimes intense chemical reactions and stabilizers, we choose to harness the power of the entire plant. Essential oils are powerful tools and a natural alternative to chemically harnessed extractions. Miiko Face Serums deliver high concentrations of antioxidants and provide essential fatty-acids naturally through essential oils.

Oil-Based, not Water-Based

Adding water to oil-based products not only dilutes them down but significantly shortens the shelf-life of the product. At Miiko Skin Co, products are made to be as effective and simple as possible.

Water and oil do not mix, and when cosmetic companies manufacture water-based lotions with oil they are required to add preservatives to reduce the risk of bacteria and mold in the product. Choosing products like an oil-based serum decreases the risk of rancidity and increases the shelf life of the product significantly–you get all the nourishment and benefits without the dilution. 

Why do Miiko Serums have a long shelf life without any added preservatives?

We use virgin raw organic carrier oils and premium organic essential oils. Each ingredient on its own with proper care keeps anywhere from years to a lifetime.

Fun Fact: Pure essential oils properly sealed and contained in proper packaging and temperatures will keep for life.

What is the difference between a Miiko Skin Co serum and a lotion?

The main difference between a serum and lotion is the rate of absorption. Serums are formulated to absorb quickly into the skin to deliver essential vitamins and minerals to help repair and nourish the tissues.

In general, serums can be water-based, oil-based, or have a gel-like texture. Miiko Face Serums are oil-based, which makes the absence of water the main differentiating factor between our serums and a lotion.

Which Miiko Skin Co Serum should I use?

All of our face serums are best used in combination with our cleansers and toners to help you get the most out of your skincare routine. We've written a separate blog post explaining which serum is best for different skin types, check it out here!

If you are unsure about which Miiko Face Serum is best for you (or you have allergies or sensitivities that you're concerned about), please book a phone consultation with us! This will help us customize the best products and routines for you!

Will a Miiko Skin Co Serum work as a daily moisturizer?

Yes! A non-toxic face serum rich in antioxidants is a great addition to your daily skincare regimen! Your outermost layer of skin (aka the stratum corneum) looks like a brick and mortar wall when magnified at a microscopic level. The bricks represent skin cells and the mortar represents sebum (oil). 

Using a Miiko Face Serum daily keeps your "mortar" hydrated and healthy! Most people that use our serums use their favourite serums both at night and to moisturize during the day. 

Note: our serums do not provide any sun protection, so be sure to use a zinc-based sunblock during the day if you plan on getting some Vitamin D!

Take our skin quiz or book a skin consult to learn more about which Miiko Skin Co products are best suited for your skin's needs!

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