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Clarity Face Oil

Clarity Face Oil

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Moisturising concentrate for oily and acne prone skin.

Clarity Face Oil is designed to give oily and acne-prone skin types the moisture they need, without clogging pores or feeling too heavy. It leaves the skin glowing and feeling balanced. Containing anti-inflammatory ingredients that help to heal past breakouts, while strengthening the skin against future ones. With light field-grass aroma with a deep turmeric undertone.


Simmonsia chinensis (jojoba)*,Camellia oleifera (cameliia)* Cannabis sativa* (hemp seed), Cymbopogon martinii (palmarosa)*, Pelargonium graveolens (geranium)*, Boswellia serrata (frankincense)*, Curcuma longa (turmeric), Tocopherol
* Organic

How to Use

Massage 2-4 drops on face and neck after toner. Damp skin works best. Use morning and evening.


This product is refillable at select Refill Store Locations, and at Foster HQ in Victoria.

Or refill at home and save 10% when you purchase a Refill Size online.

How to Refill at Home:

Gently shake your Refill Size bottle to properly mix ingredients before refilling your empty bottles.

Pour into your regular size bottle. Be sure to leave some space in each bottle for the lid to prevent overflowing.

Tightly screw on lid and store.

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  • Organic Jojoba Oil

    A carrier oil that most closely matches our skin’s sebum (the natural oils that our skin produces), which helps to balance oil production on the skin over time with regular use.

  • Turmeric EO

    Anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, and rich in antioxidants making it a perfect choice for promoting skin cell repair, healing acne scars, and supporting balanced skin which inhibits the growth of acne.

  • Palmarosa EO

    Antiviral and antimicrobial. A great essential oil for many skin types, especially acne-prone skin, as it stimulates new cell growth, regulates oil production, moisturizes, and speeds healing.

Oily & Acne-Prone Skin

Oily is used to describe a skin type with heightened sebum production. This overproduction can cause the skin to be sluggish and thick, as well as to hold bacteria on the skin which can cause acne.

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We are committed to building a Circular Economy. This means taking responsibility for the products we produce from idea to end of life, and investing in systems that ensure a circular skincare is possible and accessible for all. 

From ingredient sourcing, manufacturing & packaging, to where we choose to sell our products, we're committed to making a positive  impact on the health of our communities and the future of our world.