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Nourish Mist

Nourish Mist

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A delicious hydrating cocktail for your skin! cocktail  The addition of moisture-binding Hyaluronic Acid to a base of Organic Neroli Floral water, rose geranium folral water, and vegetable glycerin instantly hydrates and softens skin. This mist is perfect to spritz on clean skin or over makeup, keeping skin dewy and fresh throughout the day.

For all skin types, but especially nice for dry and aging skin. 



Pelargonium graveolens flower water (rose geranium water), Aqua (water), Citrus aurantium amara floral water (neroli floral water), Glycerin, Sodium hyaluronate (hyalauronic acid)

How to Use

Mist onto skin after cleansing. The HLA in this product makes it a thicker mist - if you prefer, spray into hands and apply to skin.


This product is refillable at select Refill Store Locations.

Or refill at home and save 10% when you purchase a Refill Size online.

How to Refill at Home:

Gently shake your Refill Size bottle to properly mix ingredients before refilling your empty bottles.

Pour into your regular size bottle. Be sure to leave some space in each bottle for the lid to prevent overflowing.

Tightly screw on lid and store.

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  • Neroli Hydrosol

    Neroli floral water can help lock in moisture within your skin's layers thanks to its water-retention properties. Dry air depletes the moisture content of skin neroli floral water into your skincare routine can help prevent moisture loss and keep skin hydrated.

  • Rose Geranium Water

    Helps to balance hormones, making it ideal for use on skin that is experiencing hormonal conditions.

Oily & Acne-Prone Skin

Oily is used to describe a skin type with heightened sebum production. This overproduction can cause the skin to be sluggish and thick, as well as to hold bacteria on the skin which can cause acne.

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